Tuesday, 23 June 2009

2ft by 3 ft on canvas,comissioned by a Hendrix tribute band for theyre guitarist.done with automotive acrylic.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


More designs on seets,all unfinished.


This is something new im working on,Bog seets!
they are a perfect size to do nice artwork on without taking up all the workshop.each one a one off unique design never to be repeated.Painted in acrylic basecoat and finished with 2k lacquer.

Ah now this i painted 2 days ago,for a friend for her living room wall.acrylic on canvas, i love painting in 1 colour especialy black and white.this is roughly 3ft by 2ft.

This is on a bedroom wall, its about 8 ft across and 4ft high,Lilly from a picture supplied with colours to match the decor of the room.Done in acrylic.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

This is a typical winter job, 50 ft long and 20 ft high, the picture shows the btm half, standing at 10 ft high, the top half is against a wall out of the shot but both pieces have to come together to make up 1 big scene.this job used 3 gallon of clear lacquer and about 10 litres of colour.

Part of the exhibition Ive been running at the Sanddancer beach bar in South Shields,its due to come down for now and maybe do later in the year with new work.
Photo by Ian Colt.

This is also smething I dont do alot of but was interesting,firstly for the renovating old figures and secondly for the"every trick in the book to get out of paying the price" scenario.A dodgy traveller never changes his spots!Mr.Cordona!Named and shamed.
This is a job Ive been working on this week,its quite a small and straight forward piece but is an excellent example of a typical airbrush finish,the nice soft shading you only get from an airbrush.Its on a pick up bonnet which was already yellow, Ive used a blue/black mix and yellow highlights, I havent used any white in this job.

Thursday, 11 June 2009


I done my first 19 hour day yesterday.got the job done though!


this year has been my busiest yet, so I have been prolific with my painting even having an exhibiton of my work with a friend and Photographer 'Stu Norton'.
Ill be uploding many fotos and stories as they happen.

Art by Kev Bambra

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